Benefits for caterers

  • Lower purchase price
  • Lower business costs
  • Business improvement

Hospitality cooperative

Together we can achieve many things. Exactly this is the basis of Mint consulting, and the first thing about which we think when we enter a new project is the unity and the value

which can be created out of that unity. Filip has made new, phenomenal things with various and different people and the clients’ satisfaction has grown and boom – we became a brand.

Being aware that we have to put a stone in our shoes once again

and to exit our gastronomical comfort zone, we have come up with a new idea – to unite that in which, according to our knowledge, no one from our region has succeeded. We are referring to hospitality cooperative!

But let’s start from the beginning…

What is a cooperative?

Cooperative is a term which is associated with agriculture and craftmanship in this region (agricultural and craftmanship cooperatives). Although many crafts and agriculture make our job possible (THANK YOU), this story is a bit different. From the law on cooperatives: Cooperative is a legal subject, which represents a special form of organizing of individuals (hereinafter: cooperator) which, by doing business based on cooperative principles, achieve their own economic, social, cultural and other interests and which manage and control the cooperative business activity. Cooperatives can be established as farming or agricultural, housing, consumer, craftmanship, worker, student-youth, social, health, as well as other types of cooperatives for carrying out production, supply of goods, transaction of services and other activities in accordance with this law.


We wanted to transform our long-term experience in fine dining hospitality business and acquaintances which we have accumulated on that journey into a hospitality cooperative, whose members would be owners of taverns and other small hospitality businesses.

How cooperative works?

Cooperative makes more affordable procurements which are in bulk, thus stimulating your business and rationalizing your expenses, because it is not the same when we perform together and when you offer your product and services as an individual.

Cooperative is a voluntary association which is run by its members. By their own work or by using its services, cooperators achieve their individual and joint interests, as well as goals due to which the cooperative was formed.

All of its members equally manage the cooperative and decide on the most relevant issues, via democratic principles. Even the cooperatives with more than 100 members do not have to choose their representatives, rather all of them (all 100) have the right to manage the cooperative, while the central cooperative (Mint central cooperative) represents a governing body, responsible for conducting business activities in the cooperative.


Goal of this unification is to, with the least resources possible and yet with the application of all of our knowledge, reestablish these objects on firm grounds and improve the already existing services. Via procurement optimization, training, manpower, cleverer choice of associates and service improvement, we have opened the doors of such restaurants for new, and became even better for old guests. Restaurant can accomplish this by itself with tremendous budgets for resources and consultants, and we are afraid that in the time in which we live, that is not the smartest for small establishments and taverns.


Belgrade is a bohemian city and although it can offer all different sorts of content, from the best clubs and fancy restaurants, to the fine dining and retro concepts, we believed that taverns or ‘old school’ restaurants could come back with a bang, just this time – in an association. We want to be part of that story and to, in case you own a tavern or a restaurant whose business is stagnating for a while now, invite you to tell us your story and allow us to, together with you, find a new approach to guests. If nothing else, we ourselves would gladly be your guests…