Filip Ćirić (40),
Hospitality person by profession, was born in Pirot. For the past 20 years he lives and works in Belgrade. He holds a degree in Organizational Management and Administration from Novi Sad School of Business.

His professional cooking career has begun when he was employed as a kitchen apprentice in one of the restaurants in his native Pirot. There he has mastered and perfected treatment and preparation of meat and of local meat specialties. He has tried himself in being a bartender, but he soon returned from the nightshift into the dayshift and has started working in one Pirot restaurant which is known for its long tradition. Few months later, Filip moved to Belgrade where he lives to this day.

Parallel with his education at Hotel Management Academy (after a year of studying he abandons it and enrolls in School of Business) he started to work in, at that time the only one, fine dining restaurant in Belgrade. He has gathered his experience also by working in Belgrade’s sushi bar, where he has worked in almost all of the positions: from kitchen chef to sushi master and finally as a restaurant manager. He worked in, also the sole one at that time, authentic French bistro in Belgrade as well, the place from which in fact he has started to pursue his career in hospitality business consulting. 

At a fairly young age, he opened up a restaurant. Its name was Eklektika. He was ahead of his time, and there were very few of those who have recognized Filip’s philosophy at that time. The New York Times was one of them though.

For personal reasons, he takes a short break from hospitality business, but he was back shortly and has started working in one of the Belgrade’s restaurants where he has met his current business partner with whom he opened restaurants e Homa and Homa Bistrot. a couple of years later.

Filip has obtained his abundant consulting experience by working in MK Hotel Resorts, a largest hotel group in Serbia, as well as in many other projects involving companies such as dm drogerie markt, Emotion production, Sheraton hotel, Eagle Hills complex as well as many others.

In 2016 he has founded Mint Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in hospitality business. Since then, he has opened and conceived a couple of restaurants in Belgrade and has also established technical and technological foundations in hotels in Serbia. Currently, his company is engaged in a number of noteworthy projects domestically and abroad.