Mint Consulting & Engineering

Protect your investment.

Technical and technological designing and startup consulting in the hotel, restaurant and food and drink industry

Professional Consulting

We offer consulting services in hospitality industry. Through standardization and business organization we ensure the desired development.


We design kitchens, bars, warehouses and food and drink production facilities.

You are in great hands!

During all of our collaborations Filip has showed us that he is trustworthy business partner, very friendly and a person that we can absolutely trust.


Nikola Avram

Director, MK Mountain Resorts


Filip Ćirić

Chief consultant in Mint Consulting and owner of Homa and Homa Bistrot

My first restaurant’s name was Eklektika. It was ahead of its time, and there were very few of those who have recognized my philosophy at that time. The New York Times was one of them though.

Our team

Filip Ćirić

Master Chef, hospitality person, expert in hospitality industry consulting.

Jelena Stojčić

Graduated political scientist with years of experience in journalism, HoReCa expert and community and content manager.

Borjan Panić

Information technology engineer, Salesforce CRM expert, creator of Betonica brand which is engaged in creation of handcrafted concrete elements.

Milica Milošević

Graduate of law and entrepreneur; customer service, SEO and medical consulting expert.

Jadranka Punišić

Graduate of economy, engaged in engineering, counseling and negotiations expert.

Sandra Milosavljević

Financial director, professionally best in the areas of organization and systematicity.

Katarina Šašović

Graphical designer with 10 years of freelance and agency experience, Web designer and brand developer.